1. SIZE:
  • Officially known as the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is the most populous state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.
  • There are 50 cities and 301 towns in Massachusetts, grouped into 14 counties.


  • There are 114 colleges and universities in Massachusetts that are listed under the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education
  • These institutions include 14 research universities, 21 master’s universities, and 34 special-focus institutions. 85 of Massachusetts’ post-secondary institutions are private, of which 5 are for-profit. 30 of the state’s post-secondary institutions are public.



The iconic mouthwatering foods of this state are: –

  • Fluffernutters – Fluff was invented right here in Massachusetts and it is filled the peanut butter sandwiches
  • Grilled Blueberry Muffins – Griddled blueberry muffins are a distinctly New England phenomenon
  • Boston Baked Beans – The thick molasses concoction is perfect as a breakfast side or even as a side with dinner.
  • Apple Cider Doughnuts – Can anyone resist the call of a fresh apple cider donut?
  • Cape Cod Potato Chips – These crispy chips are so ubiquitous filled with the iconic, lighthouse-emblazoned bags.
  • Lobster Rolls – This delicious Massachusetts dish can be all dressed up with creamy mayo or topped with rich melted butter. Either way, it is amazing.
  • Fried Clams – There is nothing like a perfectly seasoned fried clam roll.
  • Necco Wafers – They might break your teeth, but they are oddly delicious.
  • Baked Stuffed Scrod – Coated in seasoned panko breadcrumbs and traditionally stuffed with a melange of fish, butter, vegetables, and Ritz crackers, you cannot get more scrumptious than this classic coastal dinner.
  • Scallops – Who could say no to a plate of perfectly seared and seasoned scallops?
  • Grapenut Custard – It is a classic Massachusetts dessert that harkens back to a simpler time.
  • Clam Chowder – Everyone has their favorite recipe or restaurant for this classic creamy soup, and it is sure to be on the menu at most seafood joints.
  • Cranberry – It is the official state fruit, and there’s nothing like fresh, local cranberry sauce on the table at Thanksgiving.
  • Boston Creme Pie – Boston creme pie is really the people’s dessert.
  • Johnnycakes – You have got an unrivaled Massachusetts breakfast win.
  • Grape Nut pudding – Grape Nut pudding is the sleeper hit of Massachusetts desserts.


  • Public transportation includes buses, railways, subway, and ferries in different places of the state.
  • Private taxis and rental cars are also available for personal travel in a reasonable price.


  • Freedom Trail
  • Cape Cod Beaches
  • Minute Man National Historical Park and Lexington Green
  • Faneuil Hall
  • Mayflower II and Plimoth Plantation
  • Salem’s Historic Houses
  • Whale Watch at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
  • Old Sturbridge Village
  • Tanglewood Concerts
  • Island Life on Martha’s Vineyard
  • Harvard Square and Museums
  • Museum of Fine Arts and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • Historic Deerfield


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Harvard University
  • Boston University


  • CLIMATE – Most of Massachusetts has a humid continental, with cold winters and warm summers. Far southeast coastal areas are the broad transition zone to Humid Subtropical climates.


  • FEES – Most of the institutes are affordable and provide scholarships also.


  • EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – Many colleges have student clubs and organizations open for participation depending on individual interest.


  • INTERNSHIPS – A lot of universities helps students to get hands-on experience in a setting like the student’s desired post-education environment via career center.